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5 Best Handbag for Travel in Europe: Conquer Cobblestones in Style & Safety

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Planning a trip to Europe? Ensuring you have the best handbag for travel is essential for a smooth and secure journey. We've picked these handbags for their style and functionality. They feature water-resistant materials, anti-theft designs, and RFID-blocking pockets.

When it comes to walking the cobblestone streets of Europe, you need a handbag that can keep up with you. Look at our selection of travel-friendly purses. They are designed to endure the rigors of international travel.

In the world of travel handbags, the Travelon Anti-theft Signature 3 Compartment Cross Body Bag stands out. It's an exceptional choice for exploring Europe's enchanting landscapes. It has a sophisticated design, strong build, and high security.

Travelon Anti-theft Signature 3 Compartment Cross Body

It embodies style, safety, and function. It is a reliable companion for every journey. It goes from bustling city streets to tranquil countryside escapes. Many options are available.

The Travelon Anti-theft Signature 3 Compartment Cross Body Bag is best for travelers. They want both style and security. Its sleek black exterior has versatile compartments. It also has cutting-edge security features.

These make it a must-have accessory for European adventures. The bag ensures peace of mind. It also ensures unparalleled convenience. You can use it while strolling through cobblestone alleys in Florence.

Or, while admiring architectural marvels in Barcelona. Embrace the allure of European travel. Keep the Travelon Signature Cross Body Bag by your side. Then, embark on unforgettable experiences with confidence.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Classic N/S Crossbody, Black

Style and Design

The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic N/S Crossbody is all about sleek sophistication. It has a simple design. It looks great with any outfit. You can wear it while wandering through ancient ruins in Rome. Or, while enjoying a coffee in a cozy Parisian café.

Quality and Comfort

This crossbody bag is built to last. It's made with tough materials to keep your stuff safe during your travels. The strap is adjustable, so you can wear it comfortably all day. No more lugging bulky bags. The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic N/S Crossbody has a perfect mix of style and practicality.

Key Features

  • Anti-Theft Technology
  • Water-Resistant
  • RFID Blocking Pockets
  • Versatile Design
  • Multiple Compartments


Here are the upsides and downsides of the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic N/S Crossbody

  1. Stylish and timeless design
  2. Excellent security features
  3. Water-resistant material
  4. Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  5. Versatile for various occasions


  1. Limited color options
  2. May not accommodate larger items

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Black

$37 Amazon

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag

Style and Design

The Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag exudes timeless elegance with its heritage-inspired design. It is made from top-quality materials. Its sleek shape blends easily with any travel outfit. You may wear it while strolling through Paris or exploring Roman ruins. The black color adds sophistication, while subtle detailing enhances its overall appeal.


This bag exceeds expectations when it comes to quality. It is meticulously made with tough materials. These include water-resistant fabric. It's built to endure the demands of travel. Reinforced stitching and strong hardware ensure longevity. They make it a reliable companion for many adventures across Europe and beyond.


Comfort is key while navigating busy European cities. The Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag delivers it. The strap is adjustable. It allows for a customized fit. This ensures maximum comfort during long days of sightseeing. Its light design reduces strain on the shoulders. The small size keeps essentials close without weighing you down.

Versatility as a Wardrobe Addition

The bag is a good travel companion. It also works as a versatile part of a wardrobe. It transitions seamlessly from day to night. Its sleek shape is perfect for exploring cobblestone streets by day. It is also great for dining at charming cafes by night. You can pair the bag with casual attire. Or, you can dress it up for evening events. It effortlessly makes any outfit better.


Let's take a look at the upsides and downsides of the Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag

  1. Water-resistant fabric protects belongings from rain.
  2. RFID-blocking pockets guard against electronic theft.
  3. Slash-proof construction deters pickpockets.
  4. Compact size and adjustable strap offer comfortable wear.
  5. Versatile design transitions from day to night.


  1. Limited color options may not suit all tastes.
  2. Some users may desire additional organizational pockets.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant fabric withstands weather.
  • RFID-blocking pockets prevent electronic theft.
  • Slash-proof construction enhances security.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap offers customizable comfort.
  • Heritage-inspired design adds elegance to any outfit.

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag

$40 Amazon

Baggallini Cross Over Crossbody Bag for Women

Style and Design

The Baggallini Cross Over Crossbody Bag is timeless. It has a sleek shape and simple design. It comes in many colors. It complements any outfit. You can wear it while exploring Parisian streets or cruising Venetian canals. Its compact yet functional design suits travelers who pack light without sacrificing style.

Quality and Comfort

The bag is made from high-quality, water-resistant materials. It offers durability and protection from European weather. The strap adjusts for all-day comfort. Its light construction is great for sightseeing in busy cities.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant material
  • RFID-blocking pockets
  • Multiple compartments
  • Adjustable crossbody strap


  1. Stylish and versatile design
  2. Durable and water-resistant material
  3. RFID-blocking pockets for added security
  4. Multiple compartments for organization
  5. Adjustable crossbody strap for comfort


  1. Limited color options
  2. Smaller size may not suit extended travel needs

Value as a Versatile Wardrobe Addition:

The Baggallini Cross Over Crossbody Bag is great for travel. It also seamlessly transitions from day to night. Its blend of style and functionality makes it a valuable asset for any traveler.

Baggallini Cross Over Crossbody Bag for Women

$75 Amazon

Travelon Women's Messenger Bag, Black, One Size

Style and Design

The Travelon Messenger Bag has a sleek, timeless design. It's perfect for modern travelers exploring Europe's streets. Its classic black color and minimalist style ensure it complements any outfit. It works in Parisian boulevards or admiring Florence's art. Its compact yet spacious design allows carrying all essentials without compromising style.

Quality and Comfort

Crafted from high-quality materials, this messenger bag withstands travel demands. The durable, water-resistant fabric shields against rain or spills. Its strap is adjustable for custom comfort. You can wear it crossbody or over the shoulder. Navigate crowded train stations or historic landmarks in comfort.

Security Features

The Travelon Messenger Bag excels in security, perfect for European travel. RFID-blocking pockets protect credit cards and passport from scanning. The slash-proof construction deters thieves, ensuring belongings remain safe.

Versatility and Functionality

Beyond style and security, this bag impresses with versatility and functionality. It has many compartments and pockets. They have a lot of space for things like water bottles and guidebooks. They keep you organized and efficient on your journey.


  1. Stylish and versatile design
  2. High-quality, water-resistant materials
  3. Advanced security features: RFID-blocking pockets, slash-proof construction
  4. Ample storage space with multiple compartments and pockets
  5. Adjustable shoulder strap for customizable comfort


  1. Limited color options
  2. Some users may find the size slightly small for extensive day trips

Travelon Womens Messenger Bag

$51 Amazon

Travelon Anti-theft Signature 3 Compartment Cross Body Bag, Black

Style and Design

The Travelon Anti-theft Signature Cross Body Bag boasts a sophisticated yet functional design. Its sleek black exterior exudes understated elegance, blending seamlessly with any travel outfit. The crossbody shape adds a modern touch. It also keeps your hands free for exploring European streets.

Quality and Comfort

Crafted from high-quality materials, this bag is built to endure travel rigors. The durable construction ensures longevity. The adjustable strap provides custom comfort for all-day wear. You can navigate cobblestone alleys. You can also hop on and off trains with ease. You can do this thanks to this bag's comfort and durability.

Security Features

The Travelon Anti-theft Signature Bag comes with advanced security features. They safeguard your belongings. RFID-blocking tech shields credit cards and passports from theft. The slash-proof body and locking compartments deter pickpockets. They ensure worry-free exploration of Europe's wonders.


One of the standout features of this bag is its versatility. It has three large compartments and many pockets. It has lots of space for all travel essentials. Keep guidebooks, water bottles, and more organized and easily accessible. You can use it whether you're exploring landmarks or sampling street food. The bag changes easily to fit your needs.


  1. Stylish and sophisticated design
  2. High-quality construction for durability
  3. Advanced security features: RFID-blocking technology, slash-proof body
  4. Spacious compartments and pockets for organization
  5. Adjustable strap for customized comfort
  6. Versatile for various travel activities


  1. Limited color options (only available in black)
  2. Some users may find the bag slightly bulky when fully packed

Key Features

  • Sleek black exterior with modern crossbody silhouette
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • RFID-blocking technology to prevent electronic theft
  • Slash-proof body and locking compartments for added security
  • Adjustable strap for comfortable wear
  • Three spacious compartments and multiple pockets for organization

Travelon Anti-theft Signature 3 Compartment Cross Body

$60 amazon


what is the best travel purse for europe?

The best travel purse for Europe is the Travelon Anti-theft Signature 3 Compartment Cross Body Bag. It combines style, security, and functionality with RFID-blocking pockets, slash-proof construction, and ample storage, making it perfect for navigating Eu

how many purses do you need?

it is ideal to have two purses: a secure crossbody bag for day trips and exploring, and a compact, elegant purse for evenings out. This combination ensures you have a versatile and practical solution for different occasions during your trip.

travelon crossbody mini

The Travelon Crossbody Mini is a compact, secure travel purse featuring RFID-blocking technology, locking compartments, and a slash-resistant body. It's perfect for carrying essentials while keeping them safe, making it an excellent choice for day trips a

baggallini naples convertible backpack

The Baggallini Naples Convertible Backpack is a versatile travel bag that can be worn as a backpack or a crossbody. Made from lightweight, water-resistant material, it features multiple pockets for organization and RFID-blocking technology, ideal for keep


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